Delivering clinically proven epigenetically programmed memory T Cells to fight cancer

Reprogramming T Cells for extensive coverage of solid tumors with long-lasting immunoprotection, including common and rare types.

Mongoose Bio is an early-stage clinical company revolutionizing the delivery of T cell precision therapies against common and rare solid tumors. Mongoose Bio has developed a unique and disruptive approach to adoptive T cell therapies using epigenetic reprogramming of autologous Tcm cells harboring defined TCRs against empirically-validated, highly-immunogenic tumor targets to generate active and persistent TCR-T therapeutics. This approach has several distinct advantages:

  • Reprogrammed central memory T cells (Tcm) offer a significant opportunity to minimize toxicity, accommodate outpatient-based treatments and innovative combination strategies;
  • Reprogrammed Tcm are differentiated from TIL and CAR-T products that typically rely on terminally differentiated Teff and Tex cells that have reduced regenerative capacity, are rarely persistent, and only display limited efficacy.

Our mission is to create the ultimate individualized T cell-based therapy for cancer, offering the prospect of treating all cancers by targeting tumor antigens with ex-vivo expanded T cells.

Using epigenetically
programmed memory
TCR-T cells

the treatment
of cancer

Scientific Objective

Our objective is to revolutionize adoptive T cell therapies by the epigenetic reprogramming of Tcm cells harboring TCRs against highly immunogenic autochthonous tumor specific targets to create long-lived efficacious TCR-T cell therapies that will eradicate common and rare solid tissue malignancies.

  Mongoose Bio CAR-T, TCR-T, TIL Therapies
Number of Targets Many Few
Target Location Extracellular or Intracellular Extracellular (CAR-T)
Persistence and Activity High Low
Antigen Loss Low High
Serious Toxicities Low High
High-dose Lymphodepletion Not Required Required
Combination Strategies Easily Implemented Problematic


The science and broad intellectual property behind Mongoose Bio were developed by Dr. Cassian Yee, an Endowed Professor of the Department of Melanoma Medical Oncology and Immunology, Division of Cancer Medicine and Director of the Solid Tumor Cell Therapy Program, Center for Cancer Immunology Research at the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Mongoose Bio was spun out of MD Anderson in 2023, and has an exclusive license from MD Anderson to develop and commercialize the TCR-T technology worldwide.

Backed by 20 years of research in TCR target identification and the epigenetics of T cell memory, Mongoose Bio has developed a stable of four novel, highly immunogenic targets that are relatively unchartered in the treatment of cancer. The Company has also developed a proprietary technology that extends the life of memory T cells explicitly modified to kill targeted tumor cells over a sustained period of time. Solving for the lack of novel targets and the inability of T cells to persist over time, Mongoose Bio is positioned uniquely among oncology focused therapeutic companies.